Cryptopulse Interview CIS CEO, Patrick Dooley – Podcast

Cryptopulse Podcast spoke with Patrick Dooley who is the founder and CEO of The Crypto Investor Show which looks to bring together the crypto community with private investors and traders in the UK. Attendees can gain insight into the array of investment opportunities provided by Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology. The show also covers how to mine, buy, and trade digital currency as well as find out about the latest blockchain innovations and how to navigate the ICO market.

  • An insight into Crypto Compare
  • Information on the Patrick’s Crypto Investor Show
  • How long was it before the inception of the Crypto Investors Show and the first event?
  • Why did Patrick found the show?
  • What other companies are involved in the curation of the show?
  • What were the expectations for the show versus what the results were?
  • The demographic the show attracts
  • What can people expect from the show?
  • When and where are the next shows?
  • How has Patrick found the sentiment in the market now versus last year?
  • What can people expect from the next shows?
  • DISCOUNT CODE – CRYPTOPULSE20 for discounted tickets for the 2019 shows


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