Fabian Vogelsteller Interview: “The Evolution of Blockchain, Crypto and Decentralization”

This week we catch-up with Fabian Vogelsteller. Lead developer at Ethereum where together with Vitalik Buterin he proposed the ERC20 token standard, that gave birth to a new era ICOs, tokenised investment and crowd ownership.  Fabian is also the founder of Lukso, a fashion and lifestyle blockchain.

We talk about Fabian’s work at Ethereum, the future of blockchain, security tokens, regulation and his proposed reversible ICO structure which is aims to maintain the accessibility of public token sales whilst protecting investors by giving them the option to withdraw their investment during the lifespan of the project development.

We then finish up by asking Fabian some of the questions our telegram followers put forward such as one Fabian gets asked a lot “Are ICOs and Ethereum Dead?”.

This is one of my favourite interviews so far, I hope you enjoy listening to this interview with a true crypto and blockchain pioneer.

For more information on Lukso click here.  https://www.lukso.network/

Podcast by Patrick Dooley, Founder & CEO of The Crypto Investor Show.