Gavin Brown Interview: “Blockchain, Banks and Wider Crypto Adoption”

This week we speak to Gavin Brown, a Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University who shares his insights on the shape of the crypto investment climate today and beyond.

Gavin is also a Co-founder and Director of Blockchain Capital Limited – a London based cryptocurrency & blockchain hedge fund and is a regular contributor on cryptocurrencies to the media including BBC 1’s The One Show, The Financial Times and The Telegraph newspapers. He has spoken on the policy impacts of these new technologies at UK Government level to H.M.R.C. and H.M. Treasury.

In this podcast, Gavin shares his belief that digital currencies will play a significant role in our future economies, yet there appears to be a disconnect between mainstream interest and the level of understanding around the crypto and blockchain space.

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Podcast by Patrick Dooley, Founder & CEO of The Crypto Investor Show