Tim Draper Interview: “The Future Of Society”

It was a pleasure to interview renowned Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper and get his thoughts on how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will shape the future of society.

Tim is the founder of venture capital firm Draper Associates and esteemed start-up bootcamp Draper University, that offers courses on business and entrepreneurship.  He has also recently released How To Be The Start-Up Hero, a guide and textbook for entrepreneurs. Which I for one will be purchasing!

Tim is a big believer and backer of the crypto space, and having previously correctly forecast that Bitcoin would hit $10,000 back in 2014, has now tipped Bitcoin to hit $250,000 by 2022!

In this podcast we talk about how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will shape the world and society that we live in, the future impact of virtual governance, why Tim is so bullish on Bitcoin and more!

I particularly enjoyed Tim’s relaxed conviction when talking about the industry, which I am guessing comes naturally given his vast experience in early-stage investing, whilst seeing parallels with the explosion and maturity of the Internet.

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Podcast by Patrick Dooley, Founder & CEO of The Crypto Investor Show